The college has a separate two-storied magnificent library building. The building has separate halls for keeping and preserving more than 18000 books of law and also important and valuable books of Historical, Political, Scientific Literary, Cultural and Spiritual importance kept in exclusive compartments. The college library subscribes to about 15 Law Journals and also subscribes other magazines, chronicles and Journals and Newspapers for improving general Knowledge and IQ of students.

The college library has separate reading halls for teachers, male students and female students with modern facilities and has Photostat facilities, Internet connection and computer facilities are also in the library building to facilitate services on moderate charges. The library is very useful for research student and law professionals and facilities are being utilized by students, ex-students and members of intelligentia of the city as per rules of the library framed for the purpose, Prof-incharge, under the direct supervision and personal guidance of the president and the secretary, who have much interest in the improvement of library facilities and acquisition of latest and valuable books for the benefit of students in particular and intelligentia in general. In this edge the world is changing with fast pace with the help of information Technology (IT) & it’s growing up by computer. Computer solves the problems of doctors, engineers, scientists, lawyers and students. It is now available everywhere. If we want knowledge of any type then we can to a cyber café and open that site as then we can know world news. We can not move anywhere without the help of computer, so college has started the different types of computer course for its students.