Dear Students,

We know that man is a social animal. We are animals not in the sense of ‘beast’ rather ‘being’ we are superior to all on this earth, we are superior because we can think, plan and manage for peace and prosperity in our society. But within us, there lies a bit of beastliness which proves the saying that ten wolves can live together peacefully, but ten men cannot live together peacefully, So this weakness is a hindrance in our progress. Dear students, you all are the future of 21st century and coming generation which is going to be advanced, technologically sophisticated and commercially progressive. In such a busy competitive society, generation of conflict, side by side, is also a natural phenomenon. In this scenario, the study of law is a challenging one. It is not only to earn one’s own bread but to serve the society also. In other words you are to serve the society by solving the legal disputes and balancing the interests of the people. You are social Engineers. Your presence will be as important as the presence of doctor besides a patient’s bed. You are the doctor of an ailing society. You have to be a good jurist in order to fulfill the cherished wishes of our forefathers enshrined in the preamble of our constitution. Hence wishing you all the best for your academic and professional career.

“Do not discard English. It has now become the international language of commerce”.

Sri L. P. Shahi