An effective legal system, that protects freedom, human dignity and equal opportunity, safeguards peace and harmony, catalyzes economic development and promotes social, economic and political justice, is vital for the future of our country. Keeping these things in mind, from its very inception in 1948, S.K. J. Law college. Muzaffarpur is serving the society by imparting legal education. The college has celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1997 along with golden jubilee of nation’s independence. This is the first Law college of North Bihar and the second of Bihar. This Law College is known nationally and internationally because of which its has been attracting the most talented students and ablest teachers who have made a mark in the universe of law. Thy have been constantly and jointly working for making this law college a centre of excellence. I hope that the successive future generations of students and teachers will preserve and strengthen this tradition. S. K. J. Law College is not for every one. One may choose this law college only if he/she is committed to its motto of using ‘Law and legal processes as efficient instruments of social development’ and developing in its students a sense of responsibility to serve the society for which academic co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are being organised regularly. Organising range of academic activities beyond the class room, seminars, project writing, debate, moot court, legal aid etc with up to date session. The faculty members are learned and experienced, devoted and dedicated to their job. The Management has taken extra care in selecting only such persons who can fully express themselves and can satisfy the student’s anxiety and create a thirst for knowledge among them. This college is progressing under the guidance of Shri L. P. Shahi, the founder secretary, and now the president after the demise of Late Shri M. P. Sinha. The college family is highly obliged to him for his sincere devotion. We believe in qualitative education. Thus, we always look forward to introduce reforms from time to time. Let us hope, wish and pray that all of us shall unitedly remain engaged in preserving and enhancing the prestige and position of this law college of excellence.

Jayant Kumar 
(Director & Ex Principal ) 
S.K.J Law College, Muzaffarpur